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Our great new monthly lesson plan looks at writing film reviews. Students read a review with their checklist and then write their own.

Read our latest blog post by Ceri Jones Pronunciation: focusing on sounds from day 1. Ceri talks about how the strategies she uses to teach Welsh sounds to trainee teachers has helped her with teaching English.

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A big thank you Dale ! You provided me an applicable information. Keep it up ! read comment
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Dear Anthony, thank you for the long comment and for calling my post an article :) "Present,... read comment
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Anthony Ash
Thank you for this article. Talking about grammar is always great, as it is often such a... read comment
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Paul Braddock
January 2015
Hi everyoneHappy New Year to you all and apologies for the delay in getting the January topics up...
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David Petrie
David Petrie: Doing grammar – the evolution of a teacher
At first, when I started teaching, I was afraid of grammar. I was petrified. I kept thinking I...
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Larry Ferlazzo
Larry Ferlazzo: Four strategies for grammar instruction
Grammar is not always the favorite part of language that educators want to teach or students want...
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