Radhika looks at the integration of technology and the challenges involved.

Unfortunately, due to technical issues, Radhika was not able to give her talk. We hope that Radhika will be able to give her presentation in the future and will inform you of the date.

Many agree that increased use of technology in public education systems can help improve learning outcomes, access between socioeconomic groups and reduce the digital divide. Although governments invest in hardware, they often struggle to adequately support teachers for its implementation. Integrating ICT into English lessons and taking responsibility for one’s professional development by using technology are two of twelve professional practices in the British Council’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) framework.

This talk explores the interplay between these two areas. To support teachers in using ICT, teachers in an English teacher development programme in India were introduced to various digital resources websites, apps and teacher films. Interaction with these resources helped to develop their familiarity with using technology. This was followed by the introduction of a key resource for use in the classroom. This talk will focus on the aspects of integration of this resource such as infrastructural assessment and orientation for major stakeholders to ensure buy-in; initial training followed by planning workshops, teacher educator support and the use of social media groups such as Facebook and WhatsApp. I will discuss successes, challenges and learnings that emerged from this project.

Participants will have time to share comments or ask questions. Teachers and teacher educators working within school systems will take away practical tips and ideas that can be applied to effectively integrate digital technology into their own lessons and support other teachers in doing the same.

About the speaker

Radhika works as Academic Manager with British Council, India and is based out of Mumbai. She works on large scale teacher development projects in collaboration with governments and has developed a keen interest in the use of technology in education and teacher development. She has the Cambridge Delta qualification and is pursuing a distance Masters in Digital technologies, education and communication from the University of Manchester.

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