To mark Safer Internet Day we are giving teachers access to our new module Engaging with learning technologies – cyber well-being free of charge for one week.

Free training module - for one week only

Engaging with learning technologies - cyber well-being is a three-hour self-access module. Make your lessons safe and dynamic, and address the key issues around internet use.

Use the special promotional code below to get a 100% discount on the course between now and 12th February.

Promotional code: BC218SID

Click here to go to get your free training module

Facebook Live

Join us for a Facebook live chat on Monday 4 February 2018 at 12pm UK time with Sally Trowbridge - British Council MOOC coordinator, Joanna Budden - LearnEnglish Teens website manager and Ellen Darling - EnglishAgenda website manager. Sally, Jo and Ellen will be talking about a range of issues to do with online safety as well as showing you where you can find resources to help you in the classroom and for your professional development. 

To join the Facebook Live conversation, just go to the TeachingEnglish Facebook page on Monday (link below).



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