Those were the days when I was a student of Z.P. High School, Mummidivaram, where I studied from 6th to 10th class.

Mr. J. Krupadanam, a secondary Grade teacher, used to teach us English for 6th and 7th classes. I think he made an unforgettable impression upon me as a teacher of English. Though he was not highly qualified, I liked the passion with which he taught us the English Lessons. He was a Christian(his mother tongue was not English) and his manners were almost like those of the English. I feel that it was he who sowed the seed of English in my mind.Though It happened nearly four decades ago, I still remember his lessons very vividly I became a teacher 27 years ago and was promoted as a teacher of English on 1st november,2002. Since then I have been teaching English and has worked as a state resource person in English and has worked in different categories at different places. My blog “A Rural blokes breaking Journey from the Delta to the Duncan’s English Teaching Team” tells What I am today and how I have progressed as an efficient English Teacher. As far as Teacher Development is concerned, I feel everyday should be a challenge for a motivated teacher. A teacher should always think of the generations he is going to produce. The way he teaches and behaves will have a profound influence on the taught. I feel elated when my student teaches better than I do and becomes greater than I am.. Fortunately I have many students who have exceeded me in all aspects. The astonishing fact is four of my students are working with me in the same school. What can a teacher expect more from his students than this?Another incredible fact is I have taught some students English at the primary, secondary and intermediate level either formally or informally JVL NARASIMHA RAO

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