I don't know what a railway journey is like in other countries but I know pretty well what it is like in India. I would like to share my experiences of railway travel in India

                             The Railway Journey


I hope the poem railway journey will be published as one of by blogs.


The platforms are full of passengers

The fruits, coffees and tea stalls

The train runs on the track with heels

Like the whops of horses


Passengers enter the train in a hurry

And leave without any worry

Someone sleeps in the berth and snores

Some other sits and reads the news

The gluttonous eater eats the eats

The vendor sells nuts and peas

 and cries like the buzzing bees

the T.C comes, wakes up and asks

 for the ticket and bribes for berths

the beggar begs for alms singing hymns

some play cards making unbearable noises

the child weeps ,cries and moans

the thief enters the coaches

and tries to steal the bags


the passengers make friends with ease

but it will very soon cease

life like railway travel is a passing shower

it doesn’t last forever

It lasts only till the destination comes

The passenger takes the bag and leaves


Thanks a lot for the Duncan English teaching team for their unstinted support and timely encouragement


With kind regards,

Yours sincerely,



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