Our blog topics for September and October 2017 look at the theme of 'Career and teacher development'.

The posts from July and August 2017 on the theme of 'Managing resources' made for some interesting reading. There were posts on considerations for writing materials, strategies for differentiation, dealing with digital natives, the technological division between cities and rural areas, writing coursebooks and designing materials. You can read some of these posts by clicking on the links below:

Katherine Bilsborough: Teachers as materials writers: some considerations

Phil Wade: Differentiation is the spice of life

Ekontovas: A teacher's ventures into tech!

Patty Alarco-Vizcarra: Digital literacy not only a Core Skill but also a way to promote positive social change

NinaMK: Materials Development

Fatima.taha: Do we write materials OR Do we design them!

Topics for September and October 2017

  1. Post-certification year 1 - top tips for your first year of teaching
    What was your first year of teaching like after becoming certified? Did you have any support or learn valuable lessons? What would be your top tips for newly-qualified teachers to help them manage their first year and develop as teachers?
  2. Your career path - from teacher to…?
    Have you taken, or are you planning to take, a career path that moves you away from being in the classroom all the time? If so, what are some of the options available within education and how do you get there? Usually this involves extra qualifications, but not always. What routes have you found, or are you looking at, and how did you decide?
  3. The teaching plateau - how experienced teachers can maintain motivation
    After a certain amount of experience, teachers can often reach a plateau, where skills and expertise are no longer being developed. What can experienced teachers do to avoid this? How can we maintain the motivation we need to keep learning and developing?
  4. How to get by and prosper when moving to teach abroad
    Are you a teacher who has moved abroad to teach? Or perhaps you work with colleagues who have done so? What advice would you give to a teacher planning to do this? How can teachers balance getting to grips with their new job as well as a new country, language and culture?

Happy blogging!

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