English language speakers can be divided as two categories such as native and non-native speakers.

Those whose mother tongue is English are known as native speakers. Others who speak English despite being not a mother tongue are known as non native speakers.

Native speakers habitually speak English as their slate is filled in English; they can be categorized as formal speakers and informal speakers.


Non natives could not speak habitually English as their slate is filled in their mother tongue; they need help of their mother tongue; they form their ideas likely over their own (mother) tongue and translate into English. No all non natives do so, refer to the following.


Here, non native speakers are classified as three categories. They are,





Precipitators probably having a good English situation, they form ideas, what they want to express, in English itself; they do not visit their tongue on their speaking English though their slate has already been filled in their tongue; they would be able to form ideas in English dialect like native speakers; they are quiet well in grammar academically; No wonder if they compete with natives as they are proficient in English; as they have a blended mind in English, they shine in English and  can be a good trainer of English than a native of English.

Let’s listen to a conversation going on between two precipitators and feel how a sweet and gentle it is.

Have this coffee and be sated here till I return

At what time will you be back?

I am not sure, however it won’t be longer.

Longer….. ?

It might take less than an hour; I have a talk with my client, that’s all.

It’s ok… Have your own time, isn’t here library near?

It’s here itself, first floor third hall.

Put me there, I could wait even for a day for you.

Thank you.. Are you a book worm?

May I know why you ask?

You should not make me wait for you, shouldn’t you?

(Laughs) No..I won’t make you..  you too don’t.


Transmitters are speaking literal English fluently. Their dialects always relate to their mother tongue. On their expressing in English they form ideas over their own tongue and transmit into English. They often visit to their mother tongue on their forming ideas even they try to form such in English. They concentrate in grammar thus they fail to have fluency. Though this category is quiet better in grammar, would not be able to spray ideas, however transmitter is better than translator. Let’s see the same conversation but between two transmitters.

You just have this coffee and sit here I will come and take you.

At what time will you come back here and take me?

I do not know, however it won’t take more time, do not worry..

I won’t worry but you tell me the time.

It might take less than an hour; I have to suggest with my client, that’s all.

Ok.. ok… Take your own time, No library in this surrounding?

It’s in the first floor third hall of this building.

Direct me to go there.. I can wait for you even for one day.

Thank you.. Are you a book worm?

Why are you asking me like this?

If you sink in the book I may have to wait for you till you finish it, that’s why.

(Laughs) No..no… I will not do like that, but the same time  you also don’t make me wait.


You do feel difference between precipitators and transmitters, don’t you? You just realize that only dialect varies but not meaning. Which is right is not a matter but how a conversation should be and which is easy to express.

Though the later is felt easy to understand the earlier is appropriate.


Translators are not appropriate persons to speak in English. They often get struck to speak fluent English as they need time to search words in English and having lack of knowledge to set the right word in right place; they would neither concentrate grammar nor ignore the grammar rule on their speech, it causes them a big problem and so they are unable to operate English language. We need not have a look the conversation of translators as it won’t be under grammar rule.


Let’s have a look the chart that explains categories.



Being a non native speaker it is always better be a precipitator or transmitter in speaking English.  Perhaps being the last cadre and want to be promoted higher level, to learn grammar is most important and to try to have English situation will surely enable one be proficient in English.








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