In the discussion initiated by me on whether a good teacher is a good actor...

Girishseshamani provoked my thinking of an excellent teacher who are:

 ‘the subject expertise,


 impartial by nature,

 respecting each student for what he is,

being firm but polite,


creating trust in the students that you will take care of them,

having a good sense of humour,

and last but not the least dedication towards the profession’.   

Personally I agree with innovativeness, impartial by nature, being polite, discipliniarian or it is better to say self-disciplined and self-organised, and can add some my considerations as to an excellent teacher who should be

  • trustworthy person
  • patient
  • open to changes (life long learning)
  • commited and loyal to the profession
  • reflective (?) 

I will be very grateful if you continue the list of excellent qualities of an EFL teacher and express your pros and cons on the mentioned above ones.

Besides, what's the difference between good and excellent teacher(s)?

Can we measure these qualities? If not, how we can know that this teacher is good and that one is excellent?

So, as you see there are more questions than answers...

Looking forward to hear from you.  It would be nice if you describe the excellent teacher(s) you have met in your life.  Personally I am happy to meet some :-). 



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