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23 Feb 2018

This research study used eyetracking methods to investigate how learners process text, audio and pictures.

31 Jan 2018

This paper explores the impact of studying abroad on oral fluency.

10 Aug 2017

This paper is a report of a study which aimed to understand the new and emerging global trend of EMI.

03 Aug 2017

This handbook offers a set of activities that teachers tried out in the Indian school classrooms with children of 8 to 14 years old.

21 Oct 2016

This paper reports on learning and teaching of English to primary pupils in government schools in Egypt.

14 Oct 2016

This report focuses on the use of ICT and new technologies in the classroom across different international contexts.

03 Aug 2016

This report compares the processes of recruitment, education and retention of English language teachers at all levels.

20 Jul 2016

This project engaged teachers and learners to explore important issues in Indian primary English classrooms.

10 Feb 2016

This report presents findings on collaboration between  NESTs and LETs.

10 Feb 2016

These training materials have been created as part of a larger, British Council funded project: 'Investigating NEST schemes around the...

28 Dec 2015

This paper investigates attitudes and perceived experiences of English learning by Chinese kindergarten children, 4-6 years old, and...

11 May 2015

This paper by Graham Hall and Guy Cook explores the English language needs of young adults in the European Union.

11 Feb 2015

Agnes Kukulska-Hulme, Lucy Norris and Jim Donohue This guide is for anyone interested in teaching and learning languages, and thinking...

29 Sep 2014

Caroline Linse, Stephen van Vlack and Oscar Bladas  This paper highlights a little-discussed global issue: the importance of school-home...

18 Aug 2014

How do university supervisors and host teachers evaluate the teaching practice performance of non-native English language teacher...

16 Jul 2014

Lixian Jin, Changsheng Jiang, Jie Zhang, Yuan Yuan, Xiaohua and Qun Xie 

This paper investigates attitudes, perceptions and...

23 Jun 2014

What impact does pre-service English language teacher education have on trainees’ beliefs? This paper explores this question through an...

16 Jun 2014

What benefits can English language skills bring to a person’s life, both professional and personal? This paper addresses this question...

11 Nov 2013

Anne Burns, Muna Morris-Adams, Sue Garton and Fiona Copland, Aston University, Birmingham This paper addresses important issues relating...

08 Aug 2013

This report describes an online course, Changing Englishes, designed to raise awareness of the ‘plurilithic’ nature of English.

25 Apr 2013

Florentina Taylor, Vera Busse, Lubina Gagova, Emma Marsden and Barbara Roosken

This paper explores  the relationship between...

22 Feb 2013

Graham Hall and Guy Cook  In this research paper Graham Hall and Guy Cook explore teacher attitudes to own-language use in the classroom...

05 Jul 2012

Jeannette Littlemore, Fiona MacArthur, Alan Cienki and Joseph Holloway  In recent years there has been a significant increase in the...

09 May 2012

Simon Borg, School of Education, University of Leed and Saleh Al-Busaidi, The Language Centre, Sultan Qaboos UniversityLearner autonomy...

19 Apr 2012

There is only limited evidence showing a relationship between the English language and development.

03 Apr 2012

Helen Emery This research paper reports on a global study of primary English teachers’ qualifications, training, teaching experience and...

27 Mar 2012

Children are starting to learn English at increasingly younger ages.  This paper researches the phenomenon from a contextualised...

06 Mar 2012

This research paper by Clare Wardman reports on a study conducted in the north of England into the provision of support for children who...

06 Mar 2012

This research paper, by Will Baker, reports on a study conducted in Thailand into the development of an online course in intercultural...

22 Feb 2012

This paper reports on a study conducted by Huw Jarvis into the perceptions and practices of Thai and Emirati university students in the...