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Resources for Assessing learning

16 May, 2018
Develop effective feedback strategies for students' writing with our self-access training or downloadable resources for the training room.
12 October, 2017
This free training module provides an overview of issues relating to assessing level. We explore why this issue might be challenging and offer a practical approach to devising assessments at a...
12 October, 2017
This free training module provides an overview of the issues of assessing English as a foreign language for young learners.
12 October, 2017
This free training module helps develop knowledge of the principles of Assessment for Learning and also provides an overview of practical strategies which can be used in language learning classrooms.
12 October, 2017
This free training module provides an introduction to the topic of language testing and assessment (LTA) and why it is important for both teachers and students.
12 October, 2017
This free training module provides an introduction to key resources for language testing and assessment .
1 February, 2017
This paper explores teachers’ attitudes, practices and needs relating to assessment.
9 November, 2016
Here are some AfL activities to try with your learners.
9 November, 2016
Although Assessment for learning, or AfL, is nothing new to mainstream education in the UK, in the world of ELT it remains a less familiar and practised approach.
21 April, 2016
This paper explores the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) in relation to its current profile and use in China, and considers its possible application in assessing the...
11 November, 2013
Stephen Bax, University of BedfordshireThis paper investigates readers’ mental processes when taking reading tests. It will be of particular interest to researchers and practitioners who are...
13 June, 2013
Edited by Gary MotteramThis publication offers a different approach to the uses of learning technologies in the language classroom. 
11 June, 2013
Edited by Dr Philip Powell-DaviesIf you are interested in  how to effectively evaluate or assess English language learning, this collection of papers – the proceedings from the British Council East...
9 April, 2013
Edited by Brian Tomlinson and Claire Whittaker Blended learning is an area of ELT that continues to be of interest to practitioners in the field. 
28 February, 2013
Edited by Julian Edge and Steve MannThis publication will interest and stimulate anyone who is involved in planning and providing education and training for teachers of English before they take up...
13 February, 2013
Our latest tip looks at several of the important issues surrounding testing and assessment. Listen to Clare and Alister discuss their ideas and opinions about how best to assess learners of English....
23 November, 2012
Edited by Ben Gray & Mark KrzanowskiTime for Change: Developing English Language Teaching (ELT) at Tertiary Level in Sudan is an edited collection of the papers presented at the ELT Conference...
15 March, 2011
This article will ask why we test learners of English. 
2 September, 2009
In my experience of teaching juniors (6-11) and seniors (11-16) I have found that there is a notable difference in their attitudes to assessment.
Evaluating speaking - the IELTS speaking test - speaking article
7 January, 2009
This is the third in a series of articles looking at evaluating speaking, focusing on the IELTS speaking test. 
Evaluating speaking - Part 2 - speaking article
15 May, 2008
This article is in three parts. The first part has already looked at what a speaker needs to be able to do to use spoken English as an effective form of communication. This second part now looks at...
Young learner testing - methodology article
25 April, 2006
Tests for people of any age can seem a threat or, at the very least, an obstacle that needs to be overcome. Testing children is even more fraught with sensitivities.
Test question types - methodology article
7 February, 2005
In my previous article Test writing I looked at some of the difficulties of writing good tests and how to make tests more reliable and useful.
Test writing - methodology article
31 January, 2005
If you think taking tests is difficult then you should try writing them! Writing a good test is indeed quite a challenge and one that takes patience, experience and a degree of trial and error.
Testing and assessment - methodology article
15 November, 2004
I will always remember the horror of receiving my chemistry result when I was thirteen years old. I knew it wasn't going to be high, but to come bottom of the class was very upsetting.