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Resources for Managing resources

27 September, 2017
The Image in English Language Teaching is a book edited by Kieran Donaghy and Daniel Xerri with contributions from several prominent writers in ELT.
5 September, 2018
In this article, experienced writers Katherine Bilsborough and Cheryl Palin discuss their strategies for writing stories for primary and offer some advice to anyone wanting to start.
11 August, 2015
Penelope Robinson, Sandie Mourão and Nam Joon KangThis research report presents an innovative approach to teaching English in pre-primary classrooms. The paper describes the development and...
19 March, 2015
Do you have problems drawing people and actions on the board for your students? In this video, Paul Millard from British Council Vietnam gives us some great drawing tips and shows us how to do this...
27 January, 2015
In November 2014, at The Image Conference in Córdoba, Spain, we presented a short video called A Visual Manifesto for Language Teaching. Following the success of the conference, we were asked by the...
1 October, 2014
The purpose of this article is to provide some guidance through the wealth of available materials and support, to provide a platform for sharing ideas and experiences and to explore some areas that...
16 June, 2014
Like many good stories, the story of our Cup Song starts with a little something which gradually increases and gets much bigger than expected.
21 January, 2014
English clubs come in many different guises. What they do all have in common, however, is that they provide an opportunity for English language learners to practise using English in a relaxed and...
Stories waiting to be told - resources article - guest writers
19 September, 2013
The power of an image often doesn’t lie in the image itself, but in its ability to trigger images and stories in the minds of our students and create a need and a desire to communicate. There are...
17 December, 2012
As online video-sharing sites have developed, a wealth of short clips on a variety of topics have become available for classroom use. The teacher is no longer limited to school-owned cassettes or...
17 July, 2012
Do you teach young learners? Do you have to draw cats, dogs or birds on the board? 
17 July, 2012
Do you teach young learners? Do you often have to draw animals on the board? In this video, Paul Millard from the British Council in Vietnam provides drawing tips to help you improve your artistic...
12 April, 2012
On the British Council’s site for young learners - LearnEnglish Kids - there are lots of stories which you can use to motivate your learners. These stories have been specially written for children...
12 March, 2012
Graded readers or ‘readers' are books that have had the language level simplified to help second language learners read them.
6 March, 2012
Do you use songs in your lessons? How? Watch how Seema uses them and then share your ideas below!
6 March, 2012
Charles Dickens was born in 1812 and the British Council has been helping to celebrate his 200th birthday. One way that we have done this is by making teaching materials which can help teachers...
21 December, 2011
If you have the right facilities in your classroom, powerpoint can be a very useful addition to your teaching toolkit.
1 November, 2011
How do you use flashcards in your class? Watch Vikki, and then let us know how you use them by leaving a comment below. Remember to check out our flashcard maker too!
20 October, 2011
All classes are mixed ability to one extent or another. Extreme cases, when you have near native level speakers with beginners, can be very challenging for the teacher.
7 October, 2011
Music can play a really important part in the language classroom. It can change the atmosphere in the room within seconds.
31 August, 2011
Learning a language does not just mean saying something new. It helps to also practise saying words and sounds.
23 August, 2011
Teachers often disagree on whether or not to use the phonemic chart in their lessons. Watch Peter and Clare argue for and against, then why not tell us what you think.
11 May, 2011
This teaching tips looks at how to adapt materials for different age groups.
Video for the English classroom - speaking article - guest writers
3 November, 2010
Exactly five years ago this month, the video-sharing site YouTube was officially launched to the public. Since then, the site and others like it have been affecting the world in diverse and...
10 September, 2010
Poetry is a great tool to use with your learners as it helps practise not only listening, speaking, reading and writing skills all together, but stretches learners’ imaginations too.